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Wilco - A Ghost Is Born (2004)

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

We are three Canadian aquarium drinkers. In the latest episode of Columbia House Party, hosts Jake Goldsbie and Blake Murphy are joined by Steve Sladkowski, the guitarist from PUP, to discuss Wilco’s 2004 album, A Ghost is Born. The album that necessitated the addition of Nels Cline – first as a touring guitarist and later as a full-time member – A Ghost is Born sees Jeff Tweedy take a necessary leap as a guitarist while his songwriting is as on-point as always. Find out more about how Wilco influenced one of the best guitarists in the world today (Steve), just how rough things got for Tweedy in the 2000s, and which of Tweedy’s opening lines the guys love most on this week’s podcast.


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