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When the US Open Ends in an Epic Nose Dive

What do you do when the national championship is cruising along and then suddenly, on the back-nine of the final day, skids out of control and takes a header off a cliff? Stark and Masaro walk you through all the craziness that was the US Open, but not before we all get a little lesson on how to perfect the Super Dad routine. The Euros take the show by storm and demand everyone’s attention, especially given the run the Italians have been on, and Masaro’s Bucks have made it through to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals stirring some friendly wagering between the boys. The guys have fun with a game of Would You Rather (sponsored by Stark’s kids) where they dig deep into whether they would rather their team be swept, or go the distance only to lose in game seven. Most importantly, the show wraps up in an effort to help you put a couple extra shekels in your pocket with the Picks Of The Week.

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