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Welcome To The Go-See, B*tch (S01E06)

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

CONTENT WARNING: Street harassment, sexual assault (48:35 - 56:10)

Crank the Yann Tiersen to a respectable, unobtrusive volume, because the models are going to Paris! This week, we watch “The Girl Deals With A Pervert” and, uh, yikes. The models are tasked with attending go-sees and we nearly derail the show trying to remember the name of one specific murderer. Voici notre podcast!

S01E06: “The Girl Deals With A Pervert" [00:01:44] DISCLAIMER: Sensitive content

[00:04:01] The life of Cass and Erin

[00:11:54] S01E06: “The Girl Who Deals With a Pervert”

[00:15:12] We meet Pink

[00:18:29] The girls go to Paris, Paris!

[00:23:08] Shannon’s crush 

[00:26:47] The girls arrive in Paris 

[00:31:59] Parisian photoshoot for Wonder Bra

[00:35:55] It’s Brad!

[00:40:40] Awkward dinner and date with Brad

[00:43:46] The go-see challenge

[00:48:35] Street harassment (Listener Discretion)

[00:56:22] The final go-see

[00:59:18] Taking a look at the photos 

[01:04:16] Adrianne takes unfair criticism 

[01:14:00] Cass and Erin pick their top and bottom

[01:15:39] Final call-outs 

[01:18:14] An emotional goodbye for Kesse 

[01:21:40] This week’s fashion

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