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We Did Come Here To Make Friends (S01E01)

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

It’s the inaugural episode of Resting on Pretty! This week Erin and Cassie introduce themselves and discuss the America’s Next Top Model pilot episode “The Girl Who Wants it Bad.” They try to make sense of the rather odd and circuitous method to Tyra Banks’ model selection madness and witness the first of many tearful eliminations. Also, Erin tries (and fails) to wrap her head around one of Tyra’s more confounding catchphrases.

Episode: S01E01 - “The Girl Who Wants it Bad” [00:00:58] Introduction to the hosts 

[00:03:41] The show’s premise, re-watching America’s Next Top Model 

[00:08:58] How Erin and Cassie got into fashion 

[00:12:53] Audition tape 

[00:21:02] So many “small town girls” 

[00:22:29] Day 1 models

[00:23:49] You have to take modelling seriously

[00:32:28] Day 2 models 

[00:42:49] Tyra’s ‘Top 10’ 

[00:46:43] There’s 2 more girls! 

[00:49:36] Trainer "John" weighs in the girls 

[00:53:23] Bikini waxes and the J-Lo photoshoot

[00:58:07] The photoshoot brought us some quotes 

[01:04:36] Time for the judges 

[01:09:26] One-on-one evaluations was strange

[01:14:48] Who goes home?

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