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Walk A Mile In My Yabbos (S03E05)

Folks are we acclaimed mid-90s alternative rock group Semisonic? Because it’s Posing Time! This week, we watched “The Girl Who Cries When She Looks In A Mirror” and accompany the girls to a posing seminar held by Janice, who reminds us that beyond her truly reprehensible persona is one of the greatest models to ever do the damn thing. Some difficult talks about body image, a living mannequin challenge, a wonderful new euphemism for breasts - this episode’s got it all! Also, Erin tells a story about a thoroughly dreadful piece of guerrilla theatre she participated in as a youth, and Producer Spouse is Booboo the Fool. Remember to get your ROP x Maggie’s TO “Model Citizen” shirt - 100% of proceeds go to local sex workers affected by COVID-19 S03E05: The Girl Who Cries When She Looks In A Mirror Show Instagram: @restingonprettypodcast Email the show:

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