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Twas the Night Before March Madness

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Conditions played a factor in Florida again this week as the Players Championship became a five day event with Cameron Smith putting together a solid final round to get the win. The NFL off-season is off to a flying start with the return of Brady, Rodgers sticking with the Packers and Wilson traded to the Broncos all before free agency got into full swing. The brackets are built and the Madness is set to begin on Thursday in what truly could be anyone's tournament. The Leafs and Sabres met in the snowy Heritage Classic and Brad Gushue won his fourth Brier as skip all while playing short-handed throughout the playoffs. Tough week for the boys in the golf pick'em as the season series now sits at 18-8 for Stark. The guys play a few rounds of Rapid Fire and Stark holds the tee for the Lock of the Week.

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