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Transaction SZN! Jays Talk, Masai Leaving & Mookie Betts

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We've got a lot of things cooking, including a weekly Jays pod with Zubes, as well a really cool deep dive into some of Toronto's most iconic sports moments. Want to relive the Raptors championship, Bautista's bat flip or Matthews first night as a Leaf? We've got just the thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, transaction season is here! On today's episode we introduce a brand new brewery of the month (03:00) and ask ourselves how does this Betts/Price matter regarding the Blue Jays? (06:00) Also, Jake tries to convince Zubes into talking Lindor to the Blue Jays in to existence (19:00). Over in Raptors land the guys start to get worried about the Masai leaving to the Knicks and ask the question is it worse than Kawhi leaving? (25:00) The guys then turn the page and discuss My Chemical Romance tickets (43:00) and asks if climate change freaks us out? (49:00) We move on to the mailbag and ask the question will John Gibbons ever coach again (1:08:00) and where does Christine Sinclair rank among the all-time Canadian athletes? And of course we end off with everybody's favourite closer, Sad/Not Sad.

00:00 - Transaction Season Is Here!

03:00 - Beer of the Month: Saulter Street Brewery

06:00 - Betts & Price to Dodgers 

08:00 - Would it shock you if Price put your Ryu like numbers? 

10:00 - The Red Sox are crying poor

14:00 - Dodgers finally going to do it? 

17:00 - Are the Sox still better than the Jays? 

19:00 - Lindor To Jays, Talk It Into Existence

25:00 - Masai Rumours Come Back

27:00 - Giannis & Masai in NY would make me sick.

31:00 - This is a million times worse than losing Kawhi 

33:00 - Knicks could still fuck this up

35:00 - Trade Deadline Eve, Covington moved 

39:00 - Raptors deadline moves? 

43:00 - Song of the Week, famous last words MCR

48:00 - Match of the Week, Suzuki working with OC & Mox 

49:00 - Does this freak you out? Climate crisis 


56:00 - Can we do the Wade Boggs Challenge? 

59:00 - Which Toronto Landmark is our Lemon Tree?

1:02:00 - Best Athlete Names?

1:05:00 - How do you improve the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team? 

1:08:00 - Will Gibby ever find a job again?

1:11:00 - What move would cause the most Chaos?

1:13:00 - Will Vince ever put the crowned prince of Saudi in the HOF.

1:14:00 - Where does Christine Sinclair rank as an All-Time Canadian Athlete?

Sad / Not Sad

1:20:00 - Sad / Not Sad 

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