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Time Capsule: The Killers

This week, Columbia House Party took a deep dive into the Killers' 2004 debut album Hot Fuss. The album was a strong entry to the band, showing their finely tuned ears for writing infectious melodies and timeless anthems. Their eyes however, were clearly not trained for taking tasteful band photos.

The Killers posed in the desert
Photo courtesy of the Band

There's a lot going on in this photo, and none of it is good. From the heavily photoshopped background to the chaotic mis-mash of outfits, the band looks like they couldn't decide between dressing up as a Rolling Stones cover band, or Sweeney Todd cosplayers.

The killers posed in a city
Photo courtesy of the band

A good moustache can make you an icon. Burt Reynolds changed the definition of a sex symbol, and Larry McDonald is still a legend on the streets of Calgary. Ronnie Vannuci is clearly striving for iconic status with his thick handlebar 'stache and his 'too cool for this pose', but someone needed to tell Brandon Flowers that the caterpillar resting on his upper lip wasn't a good look.

Brandon Flowers holding a seashell to his ear
Photo courtesy of the band

Carrying a seashell while walking forlornly through the desert is a right of passage every frontman must make, and it's a privilege to see the journey. This is growth.

The Killers dressed in all white, posing with a black truck
Photo courtesy of the band

Earlier we saw a moustachioed Ronnie Vannuci try to execute a cool lean, and here we see him finally perfect the stance. This is absolutely masterful execution, from the head tilt all the way down to the toe point. When combined with the open field, white suits, black truck aesthetic of the photo, this belongs in the band photography hall of fame.

The Killers standing in the desert
Photo courtesy of the band

By God he's done it again! It's clear Ronnie Vanucci used the Everything is Wonderful press photoshoot to showcase his wide variety of leans. Here he decides to hit us with the rare upright, left over right leg stance, complete with the most immaculate of toe placements. With the scheduled to release their newest album 'Imploding the Mirage' later this year, I'm excited to see Ronnie continue to implode our views on conventional stances.

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