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Time Capsule: Best Photos of The Walkmen

With this week's Columbia House Party focusing on The Walkmen's 2004 album Bows + Arrows, we're taking a stroll down memory lane and looking at some of the best pictures of the band that exist anywhere on the internet.

The Walkmen standing in front of a building
Photo by Billy Pavone/The Ringer

Eventually, we all have to grow up, and this photo of one of the best indie bands of the 2000's looking like the Board of a FinTech startup, is a stark reminder of that.

The Walkmen looking like a confused Mariachi band
Photo found on

If there was ever a photo that needed more context, this is it. We have Matt Barrick with a pick-axe, Paul Maroon with a trumpet, and Hamilton Leithauser with a gun, leading the band to look like a confused group of Mariachi Mercenaries.

The Walkmen in suits, with a child in the middle
Photo courtesy of the band

Jake mentions how he pictures the Walkmen as a band that should always be dressed in suits, so it's nice to see them live up to expectations in this photo. An added bonus is the presence of a young Ezra Koenig sitting front and centre. (Actually, it's a child of one of the band members)

Members of the Walkmen holding floral bouquets
Photo by Tom Spray/Pitchfork

There we go, a little floral! The Walkmen aesthetic is usually full of grey tones and overcast skies, so it's nice to see a bit of colour pop through. Who doesn't love a man with flowers?

Hamilton Leithauser's neck veins bulging while singing
Photo via Pitchfork/Youtube

Nothing screams Bows + Arrows era Walkmen like watching the veins in Hamilton Leithauser's neck go to work as he pours his soul into the mic. Listen to Blake & Jake discuss The Walkmen, Bows + Arrows, and the early 2000's New York Indie scene on the latest episode of Columbia House Party.

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