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The M in ANTM Stands For “Mailbag” (S01E08)

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Got a question? Got a comment? Got a questionable comment? We put out the call and you answered! Or asked! I’m all turned around. Since the penultimate episode of each cycle of ANTM is a recap, we briefly run through the entire season thus far before dumping out our email and DM’s guts and seeing what futures we might divine in ‘em. We talk about dog models! Skin care! And then, for some light discussion, we settle once and for all what the best fashion is.

S01E08: “How The Girls Got Here"

[00:01:08] The life of Cass and Erin 

[00:10:57] S01E08: “How the Girls Got Here” 

[00:16:59] No clothes in S01

[00:19:27] Recalling the order of elimination 

[00:24:25] High-budget trip to Paris 

[00:26:36] Tyra gives the girls nicknames 

[00:27:58] Mailbag time!

[00:28:15] Karson’s modelling story 

[00:31:47] Rapid fire questions and America’s Next Top Dog 

[00:37:08] Are you made of “buttz”?

[00:38:49] How to take care of your skin

[00:49:12] When did [spouse] start in audio? 

[00:56:25] What is the best fashion? 

[01:03:12] Thank you! 

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