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The Coward’s Puzzle (S03E04)

Scratch another tally into the wall of your social-distancing cave, you made it to another episode of your favourite (I assume) podcast! This week we watch “The Girl Who Sets A Trap” and see the models work on their runway walks, take a totally innocent trip to a hot night club with absolutely no ulterior motive, and get into some real Wile E. Coyote shit when Amanda asks the timeless question, “what’s a ten dollar bill to catch a bitch?” Also, Producer Spouse tries and, depending on your outlook, fails to prank Cassie, we all complain about too many eggs in Animal Crossing, and a Quarantine Quorner finds us discussing smashy music, smoochy music and even a little exercise.


100% of all proceeds go to Maggie’s TO to support local sex workers impacted by COVID-19 S03E04: The Girl Who Sets A Trap Show Instagram: @restingonprettypodcast Email the show:

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