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The Battle of Michigan and the Candy Bar Debate

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

This week Masaro talks Curling as the final spots in next month's Olympic Trials were up for grabs as he got over a cold and faced NFL Sunday without the Packers playing. Stark and the family were focused on Halloween and what to do with all the candy left over which begins a spirited discussion on which candy bar is their go to. The Titans and Colts were the game of the week with Carson Wentz and the Colts falling off late. Tennessee opens up a comfortable lead in the division but at a steep cost with the loss of their top player. There are no more undefeated teams in the NFL as the Packers beat the Cardinals and Stark has proclaimed to not bet against Rodgers again. The Bengals failed to build off of a big win the previous week and lost to the Jets while the Rams kept pace and the Cowboys won a big one Sunday night without Dak. The battle of Michigan saw the Spartans pull away from the Wolverines and remain unbeaten. The Big Ten East Division is one to watch in the final four weeks of the regular season. The top four all won big and remain unchanged this week. The Braves hit a grand slam to go up 4-0 in Game 5 at home, only to lose and force Game 6 in Houston. The guys talk about the first five games and what their thoughts are with the series heading back to Houston. Stark is a happier camper this week as the Leafs won two in a row last week. Keeping the good times rolling, Stark and Masaro took two each in NFL Pick'em last week but Masaro still holds a strong lead. Keeping with the pick'em theme, the guys toss out who they're picking to win some major awards. Masaro finally took the tee from Stark in this week's Lock of the Week.

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