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That Time Man City & Spurs Gave Us One to Remember

On this episode of A Football Podcast Kristian Jack & Steven Caldwell chat about:

The Games:

02:00 - Manchester City vs. Tottenham

20:43 - Toronto FC vs. Minnesota

37:35:- Vancouver vs. LAFC / Orlando


45:18 - Impacts scoring woes

50:02 - UEFA Champions League Talk

55:45 - Ronaldo has become the first player to ever win Serie A, La Liga & EPL?

57:23 - MLS announced plans to expand to 30 teams

1:01:20 - Robert Lewendowski to Chicago in 2020?

1:02:57 - 1 Week Away: CPL Chat


1:06:12 - Thoughts on rumors of Thierry Henry as the Red Bull’s next manager?

1:09:12 - Who should Liverpool target in the off-season?

1:11:50 - Why there’s such an issue with Italian clubs in Europe?

1:13:39 - KJ how badly do you want to play Sheffield at Wembley in the playoff final?

1:15:45 - How much could spurs get for Sonny?

1:17:10 - If Ajax could be kept together how good could they be in comparison to the traditional top European sides?

1:19:02 - Which player of #IMFC XI is most needs to be replaced for this team to improve?

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