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Terminal 3! Nate Pearson, Raptors & Eye Stitches

Join us March 25th for Sportsfeld Live Show at The Monarch Tavern with special guests Blake Murphy, Sarah Jenkins, Resting on Pretty, Steve Sladkowski, Kaitlyn McGrath and Drew Fairservice // TICKETS

Spring has sprung and the boys are back for another Wednesday edition of Sportsfeld! Jake and Zubes start off with some house cleaning regarding Sportsfeld Live & new merch. But let's get to what everyone wants to talk about, Terminal 3, Nate Pearson and the rest of the Toronto Blue Jays rotation. The guys also take a temperature check on the Toronto Raptors and ask the question: Is OG for real? Zubes also gushes about AEW's latest pay-per-view and we open up the mailbag and relive some of our favourite movies, video games and sports moments. We then finish off with the staple, Sad / Not Sad.

00:00 - Spring Has Sprung

03:30 - Sportsfeld Live Guest Announcements!

07:00 - Introducing Amsterdam Brewery!

Blue Jays:

09:45 - Pump the breaks on Nate Pearson folks.

12:00 - If he isn't up by June, then I'd be calling for him.

13:45 - The Jays Pitching Rotation

18:00 - Zubes, a Derek Fisher apologist.

20:00 - We should just sign Puig

23:30 - Jake: If the Jays sign a few bigger guys, playoffs?!


30:30 - Raps Temperature Check

33:00 - OG is for real folks

35:00 - Do they bring back Ibaka or Gasol in 2021?

37:15 - They need the 2 seed!

Maple Leafs:

44:00 - Not feeling the Leafs at all... BUT

47:00 - Song of the Week

48;00 - Match of the Week

50:00 - Does this freak you out?


56:00 - What's the opposing ballpark or arena you'd like to visit most?

57:30 - Which fast food chain could you go the longest without getting sick of it?

58:30 - What is the thing you are best at that you hate doing?

1:01:30 - If you could have any celebrity chef cook for you whenever you want it, who would it be?

1:03:30 - You can erase the memory of one of each: video game, film, sports moment and experience them again for the first time at your current age. What’s it gonna be?

1:06:00 - Which trade that never happened changes the franchise history the most? Lecavalier for Kaberle and Antropov in 2001-02 or Lincecum for Rios before the 2009 season.

1:08:00 - If you could re-write the ending to the story for any Toronto Sports team or player which would you?

1:10:00 - Would you rather have all of your senses turned up by 25% or turned down by 25%?

1:12:00- What is your favourite way to waste time on a plane?

1:13:30 - If you could steal one material thing under $1000 and never get caught what would it be?

1:14:00 - If you could build the perfect baseball video game, what would it look like?

1:16:00 - Sad / Not Sad

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