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T.O.'s Best Podcast! Jays Offseason & Lowry Appreciation

2020 is here and so is NOW Magazines Top Podcast, Sportsfeld. The guys also welcome Henderson Brewery to the family and open up a can of Henderson's Best. The Blue Jays were not quiet over the holidays, they signed Hyun-jin Ryu and Travis Shaw. While Jake & Zubes are both excited about the Jays again, what is the ceiling of this roster? The Leafs and the Raptors are humming along and the guys are not to worried about either squad. Jake sends shivers down Zubes’ spine with his knowledge about Jupiter trying to end Earth, and the mailbag brings in questions about cereal, the world burning and instant pots. We finish the show with Sad / Not Sad. 

01:30: Best Toronto Podcast as by Now Magazine

04:40: brewery of the month, Henderson Brewery! 

07:20: Blue Jays offseason 

09:00: Ryu and his potential

11:00: Zubes’ dad is sceptical 

12:20: Travis Shaw chatter

16:00: Are we excited about the Jays again?! 

20:00: If this team preforms well... what’s the ceiling? 

29:00: Raptors, Kyle Lowry appreciation moment 

32:00: What exactly is this team? 

34:30: LeMarcus Aldridge trade? 

36:30: Maple Leafs, nothing but W’s

37:30: Why doesn’t Connor do that more often! 

39:21: Song of the week / New Hell

42:20: Match of the Week

47:40: Does this freak you out. Can’t blame Jupiter 

53:00: Best in ring marriage?

55:23: What happens first, would burning or Leafs win the cup?

56:50: Best sports conspiracy theory

58::12: Top cereal? 

1:00:22: Shwarma vs Burrito?

1:02:00: How do you cope when a team or player does something stupid? 

1:04:32: Favourite music video of all time? 

1:07:00: How’s the instant pot? 

1:09:00 Mupputs vs Smurfs

1:11:00 - Sad / Not Sad

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