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Stuttgart: Tennis Pitches

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Carlos Swiatek. Iga Alcaraz.

You can see what we’re trying to do here..Hopefully. This week’s Open Era is full of Iga and Carlos talk as we unveil the brand new Open Era Seal Of Quality™ to grade the thousands of tennis matches we watch over the days, weeks, months and (oh god) years.

But before that, Simon and Devang discuss the major news off the court this week, as Wimbledon confirmed it will ban players from Russia and Belarus at this year’s tournament. Is this just,why did Wimbledon do this unilaterally, and what precedent will this set are some of the questions we attempt to tackle.

To close, parting shots features all the usual nonsense you’ve come to expect, plus some 420 stuff. Enjoy!

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