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Devang Desai: Baltimore, a Prosthetic Leg and Barack Obama

Long time friend Devang Desai (EA Sports) makes a special visit to Toronto and stops by the podcast to talk about that time our airplane got a flat tire (5:52), the days when Devang was in politics (11:41), getting too close to the DMZ (14:31), Baltimore, a prosthetic leg and Barack Obama (16:52), the Devang & Clay origin story (26:47), early days at the Score (27:44), how Roger Federer changed Devang's relationship with his dad (29:30), how most of us aren't shit heads (32:24), Devang's sisters being the coolest ever (35:35) and Devang's new podcast - The Sport Chronicle (38:42).

Show Notes

00:05:52 - When your Airplane Gets a Flat Tire

00:09:17 - Marketing 101: Don't be Ghouls

00:11:41 - Devang was in Politics (?)

00:14:31 - Getting to Close to the DMZ

00:16:52 - Baltimore, a Prosthetic Leg & Barack Obama

00:26:47 - Clay & Devang: The Origin Story

00:27:44 - Double-D and the Early Days at The Score

00:29:30 - Federer Changed my Relationship with My Dad

00:32:24 - Most of Us Aren't Shit Heads

00:33:46 - Come at Me

00:35:35 - Devang's Sisters are the Coolest

00:38:42 - New Podcast! The Sports Chronicle

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