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Duane Watson: SNL, Janet Jackson and how Internet Killed the Radio Star

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Duane Watson (TSN / NBATV Canada) joins the podcast this week and takes us on a magical journey that spans almost more topics than Clay can keep up with. Starting with a subject we all wish was better enforced; sports scrum etiquette (4:51) we move to Lego, the building blocks of champions (11:03), then to the origin of Duane's nickname (15:46), TV binge habits (24:43), the Janet Jackson story (35:31), Duane's move to sports (41:18), Star Trek vs Star Wars (53:35), NBA talk (1:16:56) and then we end on Clay's firm belief that Saturday Night Live is an American institution that must not change (1:18:40).

Show Notes

00:04:51 - Sports Scrum Etiquette 101

00:11:03 - Lego: The Building Blocks of Champions

00:15:46 - "Sweets": The Origin Story

00:24:43 - TV Binge Habits

00:32:46 - Duane Breaks into the Music Industry

00:35:31 - The Janet Jackson Story

00:41:18 - The Internet Killed the Radio Star

00:53:35 - Star Wars vs. Star Trek

01:00:18 - Where were you on 9/11?

01:10:10 - The Tragedy in Las Vegas

01:16:56 - The NBA Season is Starting

01:18:40 - SNL is an American Institution

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