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Jeffrey Garriock: Thailand, Maple Leafs and the Resident Gormley Vampire Project

World travelling cinematographer Jeffrey Garriock (Know Your Onions) is on the podcast and boy oh boy you're in for a doozie. I'm not sure if there is another twist or turn this conversation could take as we start off rewriting the English language (9:21), move to scuba diving in Iceland (11:05), then we rewrite world geography (14:38), hear the story of when Jeff's plane was on fire (26:01), his being interrogated by Moroccan secret police (29:26), a big giant super secret Maple Leafs shoot (35:31), the time when Jeff was the George Clooney of Thailand (51:48), and we wrap up with a bunch of super nerdy film gear talk (57:35).

Show Notes

00:07:41 - Garriock's World Travels

00:09:21 - Rewriting the English Language

00:11:05 - Touching Two Continents

00:14:38 - Rewriting World Geography

00:19:18 - The Resident Gormley Vampire Project

00:26:01 - My Plane's on Fire

00:29:26 - The Moroccan Secret Police

00:35:31 - The Big Giant Super Secret Maple Leafs Shoot

00:42:37 - A New Adventure

00:51:48 - The George Clooney of Thailand

00:53:35 - Garriock's Words of Wisdom

00:57:35 - Geeking Out on Film Gear

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