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Jeff Veillette: Leafs, Dallas Eakins and Coming Up Through the Blogosphere

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Jeff Veillette (The Faceoff Circle) is in the studio and it doesn’t take long for Clay to bring up their very first hockey project, life on HF Boards and how it seems James Mirtle really legitimized the way hockey bloggers were viewed by the mainstream media community. The two reminisce about Jeff’s first press pass, their time with Dallas Eakins and Jeff’s love for the Atlanta Thrashers. Things turn serious at the end as the two open up about their individual struggles with self confidence and how finding a sense of community continues to help with that.

Show Notes

[00:06:26] - Beard Brothers

[00:09:37] - Jeff & Clay: The Origin Story

[00:10:37] - Get Rich Quick off the Internet

[00:15:24] - Pressuring Kids to get Twitter Handles

[00:16:47] - Getting Hockey Quarterly off the Ground

[00:21:22] - The Birth of Face-Off Circle

[00:22:24] - Getting on HF Boards

[00:25:18] - Mirtle Legitimized Bloggers

[00:26:47] - Attempting Hockey Blogging’s Mount Rushmore

[00:31:07] - Jeff Gets His First Press Pass

[00:33:24] - And Then Jeff Gets Accredited for the Winter Classic

[00:35:36] - Working for the Leafs

[00:38:44] - Two Trips to the AHL Finals

[00:42:19] - Remembering Dallas Eakins

[00:46:03] - Relationship Between Coaches and Sports Media

[00:47:39] - Dunking on Hockey Coaches

[00:48:28] - Evolving as a Journalist

[00:50:36] - Running Away from Imposter Syndrome

[00:54:13] - Jeff Gets in Trouble for Criticising the Bolts

[00:55:41] - Comparing Hockey to Basketball to Soccer

[00:57:39] - Who’s Gonna Win the Stanley Cup?

[00:58:35] - Falling in Love with the Atlanta Thrashers

[01:01:09] - Paypal Accounts Before Chequing Accounts

[01:02:43] - Pretty Street Hockey Dangles

[01:05:01] - YouTubers Turned Pro Hockey Player

[01:05:57] - Struggling with Self Confidence

[01:10:01] - Finding that Sense of Community

[01:13:43] - Be Honest with Yourself

[01:16:58] - Eat Your Vegetables

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