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Tim Thompson: Hockey Night, Maple Leafs Forever and his Friendship with Gord Downie

Tim Thompson (Tim Thompson Films) stops by to chat with Clay about mutual pal Sean Fitz-Gerald and the wonderful article he did about the Hockey Night in Canada opening montages that really launched Tim into the public eye (6:52), the drive many of us have just to create (15:49) and how the Maple Leafs Forever video was both a passion project and also an important jumping-off point in Tim's career (28:15). Clay surprises Tim with a copy of his own film, Born to It (34:33) before the two go down a long and wonderful road discussing Tim's special relationship with Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip (48:19.) We just couldn't wrap up without talking about Canadian celebrity - and yet another friend of Tim's - Jay Baruchel (1:04:36).

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Show Notes

00:06:52 - Tim Thompson Exposé

00:15:49 - The Drive to Create

00:28:15 - Maple Leafs Forever

00:34:33 - Born to It

00:48:19 - Everyone has a Bobcaygeon

01:04:36 - Jay "Habs" Baruchel

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