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Andrew Zuber: Growing Up, Failing Math and Pranking the Operator

Sportsfeld's back, baby, and we've got Andrew Zuber (Yahoo! Canada) in to tell us all about growing up Zubes (14:07), failing math twice (17:26), imposter syndrome (21:41), growing up champions (28:53) and video games on easy (33:21). Zubes and Clay ask each other the hard hitting questions like; did the writers of Spider-Man 3 know it was going to suck (44:47), how many times is too many times to prank call the operator (50:38), how does one actually get fired from Wal-Mart (54:42), and if you were to die tomorrow what would be inscribed  on your headstone (1:10:12).

Follow Sportsfeld on Twitter @Sportsfeld as Jake and Zubes prepare to relaunch the much adored Toronto sports podcast.

Show Notes

00:05:35 - Your Boy the Zubes

00:09:37 - Sportsfeld's Back, Baby!

00:14:07 - Growing up Zubes

00:17:26 - Failing Math Twice

00:21:41 - Imposter Syndrome

00:28:53 - Growing Up Champions

00:33:21 - Video Games on Easy

00:37:38 - Comedy School

00:44:47 - Spider-Man 3: Does this Suck?

00:50:38 - Pranking the Operator

00:54:42 - "I Was Fired a Lot Growing Up"

01:01:08 - Sportsfeld: Claiming Back the Space

01:10:12 - He Had Fun

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