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Jake Goldsbie: Sportsfeld, Degrassi and a Tough Day at the Auditions

Jake Goldsbie (Sportsfeld) joins Clay for a last minute podcast to help announce that Sportsfeld is back, baby (07:45)! After laughs surrounding all those tough days at the auditions (16:08) and living the good life with voice work (22:03), the two look back at the early days at Degrassi: The Next Generation (25:52) and where Jake was at as his seventh season comes to a close (36:44). Amongst all the laughs the conversation turns serious as they shed light on their individual experiences with asking for help (40:02) and how it lead each to their own personal breakthroughs. The conversation wraps up discussing how we’re not qualified, but reactionary (55:59), ranking North American sports (57:55) and how broadcast should stop showing the damn owner’s box (01:02:20).

Follow Sportsfeld on Twitter @Sportsfeld as Jake and Zubes prepare to relaunch the much adored Toronto sports podcast.

Show Notes

00:07:45 - Sportsfeld: We're Back!

00:13:44 - Jake & Clay Origin Story

00:16:08 - Tough Day at the Auditions

00:22:03 - Voice Work is the Life

00:25:52 - Landing Degrassi

00:31:51 - A Brief History of Toronto's Theatre Scene

00:36:44 - Seven Years plus a Day

00:40:02 - Asking for Help

00:47:13 - I Should've Been a Plumber

00:51:11 - The Digital Dream Team

00:55:59 - We're Not Qualified, We're Reactionary

00:57:55 - Ranking North American Sports

01:02:20 - Don't Show the Owner's Box

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