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Kristian Jack: Football, Spice Girls and Elevator Etiquette

Kristian Jack (TSN) is one of the newest members of The Stringer family with the announcement of A Football Podcast hosted by Kristian and Steven Caldwell. He joins the podcast this week to share his tips on how to keep things sterile while travelling (6:36), how he handled the move to North America (13:11) and how he never expected to be on the air in the first place (24:44). The two chat about the music scene and the time Kristian interviewed Noel Gallagher (29:41), the time he “discovered” the Spice Girls (35:27), one of the most memorable nights in Toronto (59:27) and why in the media business you can never take a day off (1:07:51).

Show Notes

00:06:36 - Mile High Hygiene

00:07:28 - Elevator Etiquette

00:13:11 - Crossing the Pond

00:18:29 - Kristian + Sports = Love

00:21:52 - Show 'em What They Don't See

00:24:44 - TV Found Me

00:29:41 - That Time With Noel Gallagher

00:35:27 - KJ & The Spice Girls

00:43:31 - Trusty Four-Colour Ballpoint

00:48:41 - Never Nervous

00:51:50 - Kristian's Time as a Rehabilitation Coach

00:59:27 - Toronto v Montreal: A Playoff Story

01:07:51 - 100% of the Time, It's Someone's First Time

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