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Tessa Bonhomme: Olympic Gold, Poutine and Smuggling Cigars

Olympic gold medal winner Tessa Bonhomme (TSN) stops by and joins Clay on the podcast to reminisce over the good times, the really good times, and then the all day affairs at MasterCard Centre (13:04). Tessa tells the story of how hockey got her out of chores (17:18), how you better keep your paws off her poutine (22:22) and how her friends use tequila to keep you away from social media (26:08). The two discuss that legendary Olympic gold medal win in 2010 and the widely publicized celebration that took place after (30:38), the first time Tessa met her hero (41:02) and all the feels as she watches former teammates inducted into the Hall of Fame (57:54).

Show Notes

00:05:47 - Don't Forget to Drink

00:13:04 - Eat, Sleep, Play

00:17:18 - Tessa's Dad has got it Going On

00:22:22 - Paws Off the Poutine

00:26:08 - Cellphone Jail

00:30:38 - The (In)Famous 2010 Celly

00:39:54 - The Adventures of Tess & Clay

00:41:02 - Meeting Geraldine Heaney

00:44:41 - My Uncle is in The Beach Boys

00:53:41 - We The North

00:57:54 - Hefford Love

01:02:32 - The Curious Case of Cassie Campbell

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