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Kevin Briones: Brionesverse, the Comic Book Gene and Bingeworthy Television

Kevin Briones (Neon Black) stops by for a chat - on his birthday, no less! The boys open up with how Kev believed his future held only two likely outcomes - drill sergeant or garbage man (19:49), and so he obviously became a security guard (24:31), before igniting the comic book gene buried deep within his DNA (28:11). Kevin shares some insight into his own personal Brionesverse (38:24) before having to listen to Clay's pitch for a new comic book character (45:58). Thankfully that passes without incident and the two agree on one of the all time bingeworthy shows (48:57) before Kevin opens up about a possible end to Neon Black (55:37).

Show Notes

00:14:56 - Birthday Recording!

00:19:49 - Briones: Drill Sergeant or Garbage Man

00:24:31 - The Flash (Light)

00:28:11 - The Comic Book Gene

00:29:56 - The Ghost of Comic Book Past

00:34:53 - A Panel a Day...

00:38:24 - Brionesverse

00:40:43 - Kev's Real Life Superheroes

00:45:58 - Clay Pitches a New Character

00:48:57 - Bingeworthy: Early Edition

00:55:37 - Clay's Connection to Kev's Cuz Kay

01:00:18 - And End to Neon Black?

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