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Crossover - Toronto Mike'd: CanCon, 90's Radio Nostalgia and the Molly Johnson Story

We've got another crossover comin' atcha as Mike Boon from Toronto Mike'd drops by for an entertaining chat that kicks off with how Mike broke the eggs so that we could all enjoy podcast omelettes (5:39), the theory of how CanCon rules gave all us Canadians an identity (14:19) and that time Clay met Sloan... kind of... twice (17:58). The two remember fondly the glory days of nu metal (21:40) before Mike spills Stringer secrets (24:54). The Molly Johnston incident comes up (35:04) and the origin of Mike's 'kick out the jams' segments (43:13) all before Clay closes it off with the tale of when he wanted to be in radio (59:10).

Show Notes

00:05:39 - Breaking Eggs So We Can Enjoy Omelettes

00:07:51 - Order Up: 90's Radio Nostalgia

00:14:19 - How CanCon Gave Us All an Identity

00:17:58 - The Sloan Chronicles

00:21:40 - Remembering Fondly: Nu Metal

00:24:54 - Toronto Mike Spills the Stringer Secrets

00:30:25 - Shouts to Steven Caldwell

00:35:04 - That Time with Molly Johnson

00:43:13 - Origin Story: Kick Out the Jams

00:48:45 - Toronto Mike'd & Podcast Sponsorships

00:50:51 - Pay Off Your Credit Cards, Kids

00:59:10 - That Time Clay Wanted to be on The Radio

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