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Matthew Scianitti: Drake, Shoes and Mooning a NASCAR Driver

Matthew Scianitti (TSN) joins Clay on the podcast where they jump right in and discuss ‘dude fashion’ and more specifically shoes and hats (9:25), then they go vintage tech like Nokias and Ataris (12:43). Matthew shares a few of his more surprising accolades for his CV (22:17), explains that finding your threshold for pain is key (24:26), being prepared is critical (29:33) and how he split his pants at one of the biggest events in North America (31:52). The pair trade Batman impressions (46:00), how Drake ruined everything (53:42) and getting those genuine moments are the best moments in sports (1:00:44).

Show Notes

00:07:56 - You Never Watched Perfect Strangers?!?

00:09:25 - The Shoe and Hat Podcast

00:12:43 - Early 90's technology

00:22:17 - York U's Most Decorated

00:24:26 - Finding Your Threshold for Pain

00:29:33 - Preparation is Everything

00:31:52 - The Shooter Splits

00:46:00 - Who Is The Batman?

00:50:33 - Birth of the TSN Essay

00:53:42 - It's Drake's Fault

01:00:44 - Getting Those Genuine Moments

01:03:53 - People Think I'm an Asshole

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