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Mackenzie Thirkill: Skate Chick, Moving to China and Going From Craigslist to ESPN

Mackenzie Thirkill (Orlando City SC) brings the warm weather with her as she talks to Clay about the time she had to survive winter in Toronto (14:35), how she’s the raddest chick out there (17:01), her move to China at 12 years old (29:46) and the moment she realized she was sold a lie (33:51). They go over the time she set the land speed record when running to set (41:43), how Craigslist turned into ESPN (47:59), lessons on obscure sports (1:01:41) and that point in life when she refined her drinking taste (1:03:55).

Show Notes

00:14:35 - Florida Girl meets Canadian Winter

00:17:01 - The Skate / Surf / Snowboard Chick

00:21:20 - When your Friends Start Having Kids

00:24:23 - Parenting: A Book by Clayton Hansler

00:29:46 - Kenzie Moves to China

00:33:49 - Expectation vs. Reality

00:37:07 - "Tributes"

00:41:43 - You Ran your Ass Off!

00:46:10 - Geezers in the Outfield

00:47:59 - From Craigslist to ESPN

01:01:41 - Obscure Sports Reporting

01:03:55 - Drinking Stories

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