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Caroline Szwed: Footy, Furry Friends and Top Dollar Menu Picks

The always kindhearted Caroline Szwed (Sportsnet) sits down with Clay to talk about her coach’s “secret” play in college (06:34), how she had no life outside of school and soccer (10:33), and living off the McDonald’s value menu (28:42). She opens up about her dogs struggles as a puppy (31:36), why we should always adopt don’t shop (34:44), how her return to Canada was more sudden than expected (44:37), her favourite women in the industry (47:28) and how at the end of the day one should always have fun (55:29).

Show Notes

00:06:34 - SVD

00:10:33 - School and Soccer

00:17:10 - Swagger with a Cane

00:25:08 - Did the White Line Trip You?

00:28:42 - Dollar Menu Picks

00:31:36 - Cash & Carol

00:34:44 - Adopt Don't Shop

00:37:19 - Why Didn't We Go with Georgia?

00:44:37 - Having to Come Back to Canada

00:47:28 - Polish Soul Sisters

00:52:03 - Don't Compete, Collaborate

00:55:29 - Have Fun!

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