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Dan Gladman: Jack Armstrong, Boxed Coca-Cola and Drinking in Utah

Rack it up Danny G! Dan Gladman (Toronto Raptors) and Clay talk about the legendary Todd Shapiro (12:25), boxed Coca-Cola (15:53) and what ultimately will be written on Dan’s headstone (21:07). The pair then discuss how to stay sane on long road trips (23:48), discover that you shouldn’t ask Dan if he’s been to Iowa (29:35), reminisce about the hoops one must jump through to drink in Utah (30:51) and, of course, life with the award winning Jack Armstrong (32:30). It takes up until now for Dan and Clay talk about their first “radio gigs” (46:35), how everyone is a content creator (51:34) and how journalism has changed in the last decade (55:02).

Show Notes

00:12:25 - Toddy Tickles

00:15:53 - Boxed Coca-Cola

00:21:07 - DG's Headstone

00:23:48 - Routines of the Road Warrior

00:29:35 - Who Goes to Fucking Iowa!

00:30:51 - Drinking in Utah

00:32:30 - Hello!

00:44:48 - Get a Real Job

00:46:35 - Kid DJs

00:51:34 - You Create Content

00:55:02 - Evolution of Live Journalism

00:58:57 - Four Playoff Wins and a Wedding

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