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Mike Augello: Bugs Bunny, Professional Maturity and the Resignation of Leafs Fans

Mike Augello (HockeyBuzz/Sporting News) and Clay start off talking about the early days of knowing each other (8:07), Mike’s life in finance (13:28), his intriguing TV habits as a child (15:08) and the origins of ‘Mike in Buffalo’ (17:00). Mike tells us about his transition from fan to pro (32:39), how to translate the voice in his head into writing (39:22) and how there is nothing wrong with being wrong (1:01:45).

Show Notes

00:08:07 - Clay and Mike: Origin Story

00:13:28 - Life Before Hockey

00:15:07 - Bugs Bunny & the World at War

00:17:00 - Becoming 'Mike in Buffalo'

00:24:10 - The Resignation of Leafs Fans

00:29:47 - No More Absolut Vodka

00:32:39 - Evolving a Professional Maturity

00:37:15 - Mike in Buffalo the Celebrity

00:39:22 - The Voice Inside My Head

00:40:12 - Pound the Rock

00:46:24 - Are We All Just Deranged?

01:01:45 - Nothing Wrong with Being Wrong

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