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Simon Bennett: Plastic Lightsabers, AHL Veterans and Captain Chirpsy-Pants

Simon Bennett (Sportsnet) starts the podcast off by shocking Clay with the reason his kids can’t watch Star Wars (05:45), before continuing to discuss his decade-long career with the Marlies (15:20) and his journey from Germany to Canada at the ripe ‘ol age of 11 (19:50). Simon discusses how he started as an intern at the Score (29:01) and learning from the consummate professional that is Elliott Freidman (37:15) before taking his anger out on the aristocracy (44:05). Simon and Clay compare notes on their guilty pleasures on TV (45:50), Clay plans to open the world’s most boring museum (51:20) and Simon leaves us with some parting wisdom from his years in the industry (53:50).

Show Notes

00:05:45 - Plastic Lightsabers

00:15:20 - AHL Veteran

00:19:50 - Super Simon Bennett - The Origin Story

00:21:50 - Rob Ramage (Captain Chirpsy-Pants)

00:29:01 - The Score back when it was The Score

00:33:05 - "Santa is Losing His Shit"

00:37:15 - Elliotte Friedman: The Consummate Professional

00:44:05 - Downton Abbey - Put Your Own Fuckin' Coat On

00:45:40 - Guilty Pleasures TV

00:48:50 - How to be a PA Announcer

00:51:20 - Collecting Useless Stuff

00:53:50 - The Wise Words of Sir Simon Bennett

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