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Kat Stefankiewicz: MeToo, Ego and Embarrassing Confessions

Hitting double digits is an accomplishment within itself, and there's no one better to be part of our big one-oh than Kat Stefankiewicz (NBA TV Canada).

Please forgive the audio issues, because I'm sure you're absolutely going to adore the chatter about being half Pisces and half Aries (5:04), followed by the great debate over Kat / Katherine / Kasia / Kash (7:06), our discussion over the idea that the enemy of creativity is ego (14:21) or the term 'Everything Happens for a Reason' (18:11). We explore the Kash & Clay origin story (29:24), as well as the fact that we didn't plan this (36:10), before Clay's embarrassing confession (40:55) and recognition and discussion surrounding MeToo (45:53). And then before closing out we discuss what Kat wants for Christmas (1:05:17) and something that's most certainly does not pass of a 'pickup line' at the bar (1:07:22).

Show Notes

00:05:04 - Half Pisces & Half Aries

00:07:06 - Kat / Katherine / Kasia / Kash

00:14:21 - The Enemy of Creativity is Ego

00:18:11 - Everything Happens for a Reason

00:25:19 - RaptorSpace Kat

00:29:24 - Kash & Clay: The Origin Story

00:36:10 - I Didn't Plan This

00:40:55 - Clay's Embarrassing Confession 5

00:45:53 - MeToo

01:05:17 - What Kat Wants for Christmas

01:07:22 - This is Not a Pickup Line...

01:11:18 - Be Good to Yourself and Eat Your Vegetables

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