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Akil Augustine: Sneakers, Star Trek and Beefing with Michael Che

It's the first of a new thing! Technically right now it's 1/1 so it's really rare, and since really rare things are really expensive, it means you should listen to it a lot since we're giving it away for free. Akil Augustine is the inaugural guest and we open our conversation on a subject which more things should... Star Trek (4:25), then move to Akil's sneakerhead origin story (10:25), what made Akil cry (17:30), Akil vs Michael Che (31:30), Clay's embarrassing confession (42:10), Stranger Things vs West World (45:55), Rusy Cohle as the greatest TV character of all time (49:15), a special shoutout to Akil's favourite director (51:50) and finally... Toucan Sam-a-Holic (55:30).

Show Notes:

00:04:25 - Akil's a Trekky

00:10:25 - Akil Augustine: Sneakerhead (Origin Story)

00:14:30 - Tweetups Were a Thing!

00:17:30 - What Made Akil Cry?

00:24:00 - DC: Akil's Hero

00:31:30 - Akil vs Michael Che

00:36:50 - Top Comedians in the Business

00:42:10 - Clay's Embarrassing Confession 1

00:45:55 - Stranger Things vs West World

00:49:15 - Rusty Cohle is the Greatest TV Character

00:51:50 - Shoutout Akil's Favourite Director

00:55:30 - Toucan Sam-a-Holic

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