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Storytime: Blue Jays - 2016 Wild-Card vs Baltimore (Pt. 2)

The fall of 2016 was a time when all were wondering who the Blue Jays were and what exactly they could do. The previous year had brought the city to a high that hadn't been witnessed since 1993, but this was a new year and a team that had undergone much change. It took the Jays until game 162 to earn their Wild Card slot and the only thing standing in the way of a second straight divisional series appearance was the Baltimore Orioles. In this series we examine a Wild Card game that had equal parts excitement, anxiety and drama.

Part two brings you the opening seven (SEVEN) innings of the game that included a stellar performance from the Jays starting pitcher, Marcus Stroman and timely fielding from some of your favourites. Jake recalls how everything good happened while he was in line getting beer, and Zubes shares what life in the press-box was like during those opening innings.

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