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Storytime: Blue Jays - 2015 The Bat Flip (Pt. 1)

We've finally arrived at the defining moment of the modern Toronto Blue Jays. In 2015 the Jays made a handful of major moves in the offseason to announce that they were serious about contending for a wide-open American League East division. Before Price and Tulo, the Jays made their intentions known by filling two major gaps that the 2014 team needed filled in a major way: catcher and third base. The Jays paid big money for a free agent to bring Canadian Russell Martin home, then took a calculated risk to ship popular star Brett Lawire to the Oakland Athletics for Josh Donaldson. Even though we know how it turns out, there was plenty of doubt around the team's ability to build a winner, and whether these were the right pieces to gamble with.

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