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Storytime: 2014 Blue Jays - 19 Innings vs Detroit (Pt. 3)

Our look back at the 2014 Blue Jays, the team that didn't go all in when they could've, hits its pinnacle with the last good moment of the Jays season. A marathon six and a half hour, 19-inning game that ends with a walk off bases loaded single from Jose Bautista. This win, which probably should've kicked off a streak, actually started them down the path of falling out of contention, and is probably the last great moment of the season. Hey remember when extra inning games could go on forever? How many of the 46,000+ fans in attendance that day stuck around for all 19 innings? How many times did the Jays put a ton of Tigers runners on base in the extra 10 innings? Find out as we look back on Sportsfeld Storytime.

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