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All-Decade Team! Raps, Leafs & Blue Jays

Welcome to the final episode of not just the year, but of the decade. Before we turn the page to a new chapter of Toronto sports, we take a look at the past decade and recall the players and moments that defined the Raptors, Maple Leafs and Blue Jays. Starting things off is the Raps, who rose to the top of Canada winning the grand prize in the final year of the decade. We then move to the Maple Leafs, who seemed to never get it quite right and are now in the midst of an era of what should be their best chance at the Cup. Finishing off the trifecta of Toronto teams is the Blue Jays, who gave us hope and captivated a nation, only to stumble out of the decade. Jake and Zubes share their all-decade teams for each Toronto franchise and remember some of their favourite players. Closing out the show is a decade-inspired Sad / Not Sad. See you in 2020!


[00:00:28] The last Sportsfeld of the decade

[00:02:18] Brewery of the Month - Radical Road Brewing Co. 

All-Decade Raptors

[00:03:36] We The North: The rise of the Raps

[00:07:33] This decade’s starting five 

[00:08:27] 'Spicy P’ embodies the Raps identity 

[00:12:17] Five subs for the decade team 

[00:18:47] Extra slots and notable mentions 

All-Decade Maple Leafs

[00:22:44] The team who never quite got it right

[00:25:47] Scoring line for the decade 

[00:29:30] Checking line for the decade 

[00:31:40] This decade’s top defensive pair

[00:33:19] Goaltenders of the decade 

[00:34:33] Remembering the ‘other guys’

All-Decade Blue Jays 

[00:40:09] Jays gives us highs and lows

[00:47:22] The starting catcher and infield for the decade

[00:53:28] This decade’s outfielders

[00:55:49] Joey Bats the “God-King”

[00:58:44] Starting and relief pitcher of the decade  

[00:59:23] Looking back at other memorable players

[01:03:04] Sad / Not Sad

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