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Gone Cherry! Raptors in LA, MLS Finals & Tapeworms

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

The Raps just finished a warm, summery weekend in LA where some of their depth made some surprising impressions but how will the team fare moving forward with key players injured? Don Cherry made his final appearance on Coach’s Corner last Saturday after his more-than-controversial statements led to his dismissal. The MLS Finals concluded with Toronto falling short and the Maple Leafs get healthy… just in time to get hurt. Zubes is terrified at the news Jake brings about tapeworms and mailbag brings the guys questions about… ahem, poop… as well as Disney+ and eggs. Finishing off the show is the weekly segment Sad / Not Sad. 

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[00:01:42] This week’s rundown

[00:02:29] Brewery of the Month - Avling Brewery

Toronto Raptors

[00:06:25] Raps depth gets tested with multiple injuries

[00:07:21] Impressive showing in LA vs. Lakers, Clippers

[00:09:33] Raps defence tests Kawhi

[00:10:28] We love Nick Nurse 

[00:11:53] Who of the lower rotation impressed the most? 

[00:18:44] Concerns with Gasol’s playtime 

[00:20:02] Danny Green could have been great

Don Cherry

[00:21:40] Don Cherry fired for Saturday’s remarks

[00:22:53] He’s always been like this

[00:24:53] “Times changed, Cherry didn’t”

[00:26:58] How old is ‘too old’? 

Toronto FC

[00:29:52] Toronto falls short; Jake’s thoughts on the game

[00:32:49] Would things have been different with Jozy?

[00:34:06] TFC offseason; will Michael Bradley return? 

Toronto Maple Leafs

[00:36:18] Marner sidelined with ankle injury

[00:36:42] Is their current style of play by design?

Not So New Segments

[00:41:28] Song of the Week

[00:46:46] Match of the Week

[00:50:09] Do tapeworms freak you out? 


[00:54:55] Poop vs. Fart; which is more satisfying?

[00:56:35] If you were a Toronto athlete, would you lay low or embrace the spotlight?

[00:58:36] What classic show are you looking forward to most on Disney+?

[01:01:51] Who will win the Grey Cup?

[01:02:22] What is the best way to make an egg?

[01:09:08] Sad / Not Sad

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