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NBA Predictions (already?)! TFC Domination, World Series & Spookiness

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

The NBA season is in full swing, Jake and Zubes are pleasantly surprised with Siakam and the Raps. Looking around the league, the boys determine who’s hot and who’s not and put together their early playoff predictions. Moving from one team who has just begun their season, we go to another in the final stretch. TFC advance to the Conference Finals and face-off against Atlanta United; how will Toronto fare with Altidore and Gonzalez’s health still in question? The World Series goes to Game 7 as the Astros and Nats battle it out one last time. The Leafs continue to struggle with finding their form <insert comments here>. Zubes is freaked out by a particularly abnormal haunted house, and mailbag hits the guys with questions about birthdays, Game 7’s, and… losing Sportsfeld?! Sad or not sad finishes the show off. 

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[00:00:28] We do intros

[00:02:53] Sports rundown 

[00:05:01] Brewery of the Month - Blood Brothers Brewing 

Raptors and NBA Week One

[00:07:58] Siakam showing us up early 

[00:11:05] Clippers are the best on paper 

[00:14:50] Predicting potential Raps trades 

[00:19:20] NBA playoff predictions?!

Toronto FC and Other Sports Notables

[00:24:27] Conference Finals; Toronto FC vs Atlanta 

[00:27:17] Do we believe in Vanney? 

[00:28:23] World Series; Game 7 baby

[00:30:44] Leafs on pace to be an 87-point team 

[00:31:45] Ovi; “They have to play differently” 

Not So New Segments 

[00:36:48] New Show - Columbia House Party 

[00:39:19] Song of the Week(?)

[00:41:16] Match of the Week 

[00:42:30] Do haunted houses freak you out? 


[00:50:11] How long do you wait until coffee #2?

[00:50:32] Who is the greatest GOAT of all-time?

[00:51:29] What are the weirdest foods you’d eat for breakfast?

[00:52:33] Best cheese combination for grilled cheese?

[00:53:39] Will we lose Sportsfeld?

[00:57:19] Best Halloween costume?

[00:57:59] Does celebrating your birthday remind you of your own mortality?

[01:00:44] What is the greatest Game 7 you’ve seen?

[01:02:25] What is the dumbest thing you’re good at?

[01:03:17] Birthday dessert; pie vs. cake

[01:03:46] Best type of pants?

[01:04:07] What is the worst b-day party you’ve attended? 

[01:06:00] What is the office equivalent of carrying your bat to first base?

[01:07:19] What are your NFL mid-season predictions?

[01:11:48] Sad / Not Sad 

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