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Disorderly Conduct! Auston in Trouble, Blue Jays & Celine Dion

As the Blue Jays dreary season draws to a close, Jake and Zubes ask the question: what did we learn? They delve deep into the roster and discuss the future of the team and what’s to come. Zubes also addresses the concerns he has with Vladdy Jr. Auston Matthews has found himself in a concerning predicament, being charged with disorderly conduct back in May. The boys address Auston’s actions and talk about how it relates to hockey culture. ESPN comes out with their rankings of the Top 100 Players in the NBA. Where do the Raps stack up? This weeks Mailbag features questions about an all-decade Toronto team, Celine Dion, and an extension on last week’s freak out topic; aliens. We wrap things up with the long standing segment, Sad / Not Sad.


[00:01:02] Intro / The Rundown

[00:02:12] Brewery of the Month - Left Field Brewery

Blue Jays: What did we learn?

[00:04:43] “We didn’t learn anything”

[00:06:55] Team findings

[00:11:20] Addressing Vlad concerns

[00:15:00] Pitchers - can we be confident moving forward?

[00:19:40] New Podcast Announcement - Resting on Pretty

Auston’s Incident

[00:21:15] Matthews charged with disorderly conduct in May

[00:23:20] Zubes' opinion on ‘cancel culture’

[00:25:00] Jake on ‘Hockey Culture’

[00:28:00] “He was one of the good ones”

[00:29:20] How will this be handled by the Leafs?

ESPN Ranks the NBA’s Best Players

[00:30:00] Where do the Raps stack up?

[00:31:30] ‘Odd Shapes’

[00:32:45] DeRozan falls in the rankings

[00:33:30] Klay Thompson

[00:35:20] If Kawhi stayed…

[00:36:10] The Pascal Hype

[00:38:40] Matthews makes his public statement


[00:40:45] Jake’s Song of the Week

[00:41:40] Zube’s Match of the Week

[00:43:00] Does this freak you out?

[00:45:30] What’s this decade’s starting five for Toronto athletes?

[00:49:12] What’s the best Celine Dion song?

[00:52:05] What’s worse? Getting caught in a lie or talking with someone you half know?

[00:53:45] Which Toronto music venue offers the best vantage points for short people?

[00:54:10] What is your sports number?

[00:54:40] When does “Spoopy Season” officially start?

[00:55:31] Why do we assume aliens look a certain way?

[01:07:19] Brewery of the Month - Left Field Brewery

[01:08:20] October Merch Launch

[01:09:40] New Podcast - Resting on Pretty

[01:12:14] Sad / Not Sad

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