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Heatwave! Alex Wong chats about his 1-on-1 with Atkins & Shapiro & Canada Basketball

On this episode Jake & Zubes are joined with Alex Wong to chat about...

Canada B-Ball On The Rise

- No Wiggins, No Thompson, No Problem!

- Samuel Dalembert - What's The Starting Five?

- We Have NBA Players On The Bench!

Raptors Talk

- We The Champs Book (Buy Now!)

- Run It Back... The 2016 Roster Tho

- Pascal: The Real Playoff P

- The West Is Crazy

- Raptors In Fourth?

Jays Talk

- Alex Wong's Exclusive w/ Shapiro & Atkins

- Why Waste Effort On PR?

- Marcus Stroman / Club House Fit?

- Cavan Biggio, Good Fit!

- Players Believe It's Closer Than We Think


- What celebrity on Cameo do you want to endorse your pod?

- Is Auston Matthews the biggest free agent to join #PlayBald?

- If you hosted "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee", which comedian would you interview and which car would you drive?

- Cats or Top Gun 2?

- Who is the best shit talker in sports?

- What is your Top 3 Disney Tunes?

- If you could only use one condiment for the rest of your life what would you pick?

- What is your go to bagel sandwich?

Sad / Not Sad

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