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He Wait! Kawhi Watch 2019, Leafs' Blockbuster Trades & Mike Veermen

On this episode of Sportsfeld Jake and Zubes chat about...

The Leafs with David Alter:

- Nazem Kadri to Colorado

- What to expect from Tyson Barrie

- Alex Kerfoot is here too!

- We signed Spezza?!

- And then the Leafs traded with Ottawa

- What on earth is going on with Marner

The Raps with Mike Veerman:

- Kawhi news could drop at any minute

- "The ball is bouncing on the rim"

- KD moves and the league shifts

- Danny Green: A Laker, Clipper or Mav?

- Boogie Cousins, the consolation prize

- Raps fever eclipse Leafs trades on July 1st

- He stay or he go?

Mailbag Goodness including...

- Free Agents or Trades?

- Iced coffee etiquette

- Befriending Frasier or Niles Crane?

- Ice Man Matt Thomas - O/U 44.5% from behind the arc?

- Home Run Derby, yay or nay?

- Fingerprints aren't real

- Sportsfeld fashion advice

- Where would you build a new Jays stadium?

- During the big pitch, what food would you serve Kawhi?

Sad / Not Sad (including tons of Drag Race)

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