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Sportsfeld Storytime: Raptors - 2016 Conference Finals vs Cleveland (Pt. 1)

It iiiiiis Sportsfeld Storytime. This month, we are looking back to the Raptors' first trip to the Conference Finals. The 2015-16 Raptors won 56 games, hosted the NBA All-Star Game, then survived two Game 7's en route to facing one of the best teams of the modern era in the Eastern Conference Final. In episode 1, the guys go through what was -- at the time -- the best season in Raptors history. A deep bench, two All-Star guards in their prime, and the early making of the 905 development system helping young players make the leap from the G-League to an NBA rotation. Plus, Jake made his return to the stage in Montreal, as the play Bad Jews runs throughout the entire Raptors post-season, leaving him screaming at the television alone in a bar surrounded by people who speak French.

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