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Sean Keay: The Score, MLSE, & Space Monkey

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Sean Keay (Space Monkey) doesn't have to travel far to hop into the studio with Clay. The current Head of Development for Space Monkey chats about his early days at theScore, that time the app melted down during a World Cup draw, and the move to Toronto FC. You see, that's where Sean and Clay met. The two then chat about their first draft together, walking the line working for a team (and getting in trouble for things) and the pact they made if ever they were to leave MLSE.There's conversations about podcast creation, the digital world and trying to build a media company from the ground up before finishing with a now dated segment where they both make MLS Cup predictions. This episode was recorded on October 4th, 2019.


0:00 - Sean Keay introduction

2:22 - Podcast recommendations

4:00 - Papa roach


6:00 - Welcoming Sean Keay

9:45 - Sean Keay's biography

15:00 - Starting to travel with TFC & growing into role with team

16:40 - Sean & Clay's first time meeting, and prior expectation

25:35 - Differences between working for The Score & working for TFC

27:40 - Players you became close with during TFC tenure

32:00 - Proudest accomplishments of TFC career

36:50 - Starting the Come On You Reds podcast

41:00 - Building a team and core group

45:30 - The MLSE Pact

49:00 - Content creation goals


51:40 - Western Conference Playoff Predictions/LAFC Doubt

57:40 - Eastern Conference Predictions

63:50 - Toronto FC talk

69:10 - Outro

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