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On The Cutting Edge Of Worst w/ Lauren Mitchell (S02E11)

It’s been a heck of a season, and we’re hard pressed to find a better way of capping it off than with the help of the extremely funny comedian and host of Cavern Of Secrets, Lauren Mitchell!

Lauren joins us to watch “The Girl Who Is America’s Next Top Model” and wax quasi-philosophical on being sexy and also sad, body image, bad self-administered haircuts and asserting the inalienable right to determine one’s own underpants. We find out who wins Cycle 2 and also settle once and for all if men deserve flowers.

I can’t remember where we landed on the issue but I will say that flowers would be a terrific way to thank a beleaguered producer after a day of editing and writing episode descriptions. Food for thought!

S02E011: The Girl Who Is America’s Next Top Model Show Instagram: @restingonprettypodcast

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