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Rank 'Em: The Killers

With this week's Columbia House Party focusing on The Killers' seminal 2004 debut Hot Fuss, we're taking a look at how the rest of their output stacks up. You can listen to Blake, Jake & Sarah discuss Sam's Town, and other parts of their discography at 1:12:30 below!

5. Battle Born

Named after the motto of their home state of Nevada, 2012's Battle Born was a celebration of all things big and bombastic. Filled with anthems designed to shake arena, but complimented with the synth rock influences that led to their success, Battle Born is by no means a bad album, but it doesn't stack up with their best output.

4. Day & Age

Although "Are we human or are we dancer?" holds a special place in my heart as one of my least favourite hooks of all-time, the rest of Day & Age was an enjoyable, danceable collection of synth-pop bliss. Yet, it doesn't quite stack up to to their very best work, and lands fourth on the list.

3. Wonderful Wonderful

The Killers' most recently released album, 2017's Wonderful Wonderful largely manages to live up to its namesake. It trades in Battle Born's arena rock glam for more ethereal and experimental soundscapes, and features some of the best lyricism across their entire catalogue.

2. Sam's Town

The band's sophomore output, 2007's Sam's Town, wears its Bruce Springsteen influence heavily on the sleeve, but manages to elevate above its influence to produce a bonafide classic album. Hits like 'When You Were Young', 'Bones', and 'Read My Mind', still stand amongst the best singles of the 2000's, and cemented the Killers as a cultural staple.

1. Hot Fuss

Sometimes your first effort really is your best. The Killers' 2004 debut, Hot Fuss, still stands as their best work to date. The mix of synth, glam, and grunge was perfect for the era, and still manages to age gracefully. From the infectious melodies of 'Mr. Brightside' and 'Somebody Told Me', to the seductively sinister 'Jenny Was a Friend of Mine', Hot Fuss is an incredible confident collection from a band that was prepared to take the world by storm.

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