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Rancho Relaxo (S03E08)

What tangled webs we tooch! This week, we watched “The Girl Who Is Panic Stricken” and join the contestants for Sexy Fear Factor as they prepare to do battle with Rom The Vacuous Model and then I get yelled at after sending this episode in for a dumb Bloodborne reference. The show continues to be just utterly reprehensible to Toccara, a talent less irresponsible shows still wouldn’t deserve, Jay Manuel has a frightening, albeit brief moment of clarity about how they’re treating the girls, and an apology is given to a hat. Also, Erin, Cassie and Producer Spouse all argue about whether or not the Justified theme song is good. It isn’t. [HOST’S NOTE: It is]


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S03E08: The Girl Who Is Panic Stricken

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