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Poison Pizza! The Last Dance, Music Beefs & Toronto Six?

Another week gone by means another new episode of Sportsfeld is here to keep you company! This week Jake and Zubes worry about the future of buffets, wonder how much sympathy to have for MLB owners (spoiler: it's not much), and discuss why Jake hasn’t tuned in to the Last Dance. Then it's 'Of the Week', & Mailbag time, where the guys answer how to pick a team in a new league, their sides on the biggest 90's/00's music beefs, and reveal the depths of the Gunner Stahl folklore from D2.

If you haven't seen yet on our social media, Sportsfeld has chosen to partner with Red Door Family Shelter to raise awareness of their services in our community. We are pledging to donate 100% of the proceeds from the Limited-Edition Sportsfeld x Red Door t-shirt and reinforce the idea that when we work together to help each other, we change lives. Enjoy the episode!


0:00 | How are we doing?

3:30 | Being more germ conscious in the future

6:35 | Facemasks as part of the culture

10:00 | The challenges of returning to normalcy

13:30 | Beer of the Week


19:00 | Bundesliga returns

24:30 | How much do crowds really matter?

28:50 | Should we be hyping up Davies more?

31:30 | Why Jake hasn't watched The Last Dance

36:00 | How it changed Zubes' opinion of Jordan

41:30 | Is MLB losing money?

45:50 | The Toronto Six


48:55 | Song of the Week

50:20 | Match of the Week

52:30 | What Doesn't Freak You Out


56:05 | How could D3 be better/why was Gunner Stahl recast?

59:30 | Where do you stand on the music beefs of the 90's/00's

1:07:35 | How do you pick a team in a league you have no connection to?

1:08:55 | Have you ever had a Michael Jordan-esque 'Poison Pizza' incident?

1:12:20 | Best thing to come out of quarantine for you?

1:14:25 | What should I make my Warzone load out?

1:16:15 | Saturday or Sunday PPVs?

SAD OR NOT SAD 1:17:30 | Sad/Not Sad

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